Electronic Development

A. Electronic Boards / PCBs

  1. Design / Concept
  2. Layout and design of PCBs
  3. Prototyping
  4. Tests
  5. Manufacturing of samples and preproduction series for certification purposes
  6. Design and construction of mechanical parts like mounting parts and housings  using state of the art 3D CAD systems
  7. EMC and security tests with our certified partner companies. We take care for these issues during the whole design process
  8. Mass productions of the final product will be done with our partner companies at there ISO certified production lines

B. Reflectors

  1. Calculations for optimum performance of the reflector in a specific application, using state of the art 3D CAD systems
  2. Prototyping
  3. Tests
  4. Production whit modern computer programmed machines
  5. Surfaces modified due to customer needs
  6. Design and construction of the necessary mounting parts used in the application

C. Standard Products

We deliver all products of the market, as they are or modified according to your needs.

D. Copyrights

If you wish we will register your product with the german or even with the european patent bureau.

E. Additional Information

Furthermore our service includes all documentation-prints and user manuals for your new products.